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Can I play games with you?
Maybe, the games that we play like Poker we keep private, but when we go into public servers for other games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and many others then you can join us. Just pay attention to the stream and we will give out that information whenever possible!

Since this is a charity donation I can deduct it from my taxes, right?
If you are donating via Paypal and in the US, each hospital’s charity tax ID number is included in the information section on its wish list. Use your confirmation email as a receipt. If you are making a cash donation, Child’s Play’s own tax ID number is 20-3584556. If you have any questions about how this works, please ask your tax adviser.

Where does the money go?
All the money goes straight to the charity Child’s Play, the organizers of the 24 Hour Gameathon do not actually receive or handle any of the money.

What is Child’s Play?
Child’s Play 
is a registered charity based in Seattle, WA, dedicated to improving the lives of children undergoing treatment in the hospital with toys and games. The charity supports a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide.This is also why you will frequently hear us use the phrase “for the children” when talking about our event.

Got no money, but still want to help?
Share, Share, Share!  To make the event as successful as possible, the wider our reach is, the more likely we will be to get our goal. So share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace, or whatever the kids are into these days.

How much money have you raised?
In 2012, we raised $4827.00 for Child’s Play
In 2013, we raised $1010.00 for Child’s Play
In 2014, we raised $1015.00 for Child’s Play
In 2015, we raised $1451.37 for Child’s Play and Operation Supply Drop
In 2016, we raised $425.00 for Child’s Play





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