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If you already are a member of the Club, skip to number 7

  1. If you don’t already have it, download the free PokerStars software from
  2. Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
  3. Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button
  4. Enter my Club ID number: 271223
  5. Enter my Invitation Code: waylainrules
  6. There is an approval process, once I get your application, I will approve it. NOTE: There is a delay in this process, so PLEASE DON’T WAIT
  7. To register for the event, Home Games -> Midnight Squadron -> Schedule -> Click on 2017 GAMEATHON
  8. Once you have selected the 2017 GAMEATHON, you can then click register
  9. Once you are registered you are all set, just remember to have the game open and be on Discord if possible on November 3rd at 8 pm EDT (GMT-4 12:00 AM)